UNC Asheville.  It doesn’t necessarily ring out as a traditional basketball powerhouse (you may be thinking of the university 210 miles down the mountain on I-40).  But this small school – with one of the smallest athletic budgets in the country – has managed to put together an impressive basketball team that, over the past three years, has managed to go to both the NCAA tournament and the NIT while winning Big South torunament and regular season titles.

Despite all this, coverage of UNCA basketball is, in a word, lacking.  The always-entertaining uncafans.com  is great for discussion, but real articles and commentary are scarce to nonexistent.  Rather than complain about it, this blog will attempt to fill that void by providing detailed discussion of UNCA basketball – games, players, coaches, recruiting.  If it has to do with UNCA, we’ll be there.

Who’s “we,” you ask?  Well, right now “we” consists of just one person – me.  I’m a UNCA alum (class of 2008) who’s in law school at UNC Chapel Hill.  Rest assured, my loyalties lie first and foremost with the Bulldogs.  Over time, however, I hope to bring in other contributors, be they alums, students, or fellow fans, to help build this site and make it the authoritative source for UNCA basketball on the internet.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for filling the void.

    If the Hurskainen (soccer keeper) can get 6 million youtube hits, Dickey can make ESPN top 10 plays of February and Williams head to the Globetrotters it is time to share the news with a bigger audience!

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