News and Notes: Jaron Lane, Game reax, and more

Apparantly UNC Asheville has a new arena.  Heard about it?

  • Jaron Lane was named the Big South player of the week.  This is a well-deserved honor, especially considering that Lane (a) came off the bench for Friday’s game against the Wolfpack, and (b) twisted his knee during Sunday’s game vs. Carolina.  Despite this, he averaged 17 points over the weekend, including a career-high 21 points against the Heels.  These numbers are especially impressive when you consider the guys he was matching up against: Harrison Barnes and Richard Howell.  Basketball fans outside of Asheville generally know about Primm and Dickey.  Here’s hoping Lane gets added to that list.
  • Here’s the full quote from Tyler Zeller on the Bulldogs: “They’re a fantastic team, they can shoot the ball very, very well. I think if they’d had bigs, they could have caused us even more problems. They did a superb job of shooting the ball and playing their game.”
  • Reactions to Sunday’s game and Kimmel’s opening from the Associated PressBlue Ridge Now, Marty Nicholson (UNC Asheville Scorekeeper), Robbi Pickeral, and the university website.
  • I’m reserving a bullet for the Citizen-Times’ Keith Jarrett, who has two columns about the home opener. Mr. Jarrett may want to remember which city he lives in.  I’m a Tar Heel fan (it’s in the contract you sign when you enroll at UNC), but calling the Tar Heels “beloved” when they’re on the road playing your hometown team is a bit excessive.
  • Also Mr. Jarrett, calling Matt Dickey’s statement that Sunday’s game was “the most fan support we’ve seen and heard in my four years, probably the most this program has ever had. I hope we can keep this up” an unrealistic, idealistic dream is crap.  UNCA won’t sell out the arena in 12 minutes, but there’s no reason to think the Dogs won’t be able to pack them in for big conference games or regional games vs. Western or App.

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