Asheville 126, Mars Hill 75.


Last night’s game reminded me of whenever I play NCAA Basketball (sadly no longer made) on my Xbox and decide that I want to have some fun, so I make my team UNC and make the computer team New Mexico State or Charleston Southern.  I set the difficulty level to ‘easy’ and proceed to beat the computer team by 50+ points.2  I usually have lots of offensive rebounds and assists combined with lots of three pointers and dunks.

Sound familiar?

It’s what happened last night at Kimmel Arena, as the Bulldogs got their first regular season win in their new home.  Asheville recorded the second-highest point total in team history and set a team record for assists with 38, beating the previous record of 31.

Asheville’s effort was spearheaded by their guards, as Keith Hornsby led all scorers with 21 points, while J.P. Primm and Matt Dickey had 19 and 13, respectively.3  Corey Littlejohn and Trent Meyer rounded out the guard spots with 15 and 13 points.

The Frontcourtbycommittee had a fun time of it last night, letting the guards get the shots while they got the boards.  Chudier Pal led all boards with 9, while Jackson, Nwanunu, and Roberts each had 7.  Roberts and Chris Stephenson also scored in double figures with 12 points each.

Asheville’s in a bit of a scheduling lull right now, facing two area Division II teams that, as last night demonstrated, are way out of their league.  Brevard will visit Kimmel on Monday before the Bulldogs hop on a jet to the Bahamas to play UConn, et al in the “Battle 4 Atlantis,” perhaps the most rediculously awesome tournament name ever.  Last night’s game gave Eddie and the ‘Dogs a chance to stretch their legs and give some solid minutes to younger players who will play a big role next year.

1. Thank you to the Bulldogs for making me eat crow on my 21 point margin prediction.  I will now eat crow.

2. What a terrible decision by EA Sports to scrap that game.  I loved playing as UNC Asheville’s coach in season mode and winning multiple NCAA titles.  Yes, I know I have a problem.

3. I solemnly swear that I will never ever use puns about Keith Hornsby’s dad.  Shame on you, sportswriters.  Also, none of you can come up with better puns then “That’s just the way it is”?  I want your journalism license revoked.


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