Preview: Brevard at Asheville

When: Monday 11/21, 7 p.m.
Where: Kimmel Arena
TV/Radio: Available online through the Big South Conference.

Last time Asheville played Brevard, they lost.  Methinks it will be a different outcome tonight.

For the second time in seven days, Asheville faces a Division II team from the South Atlantic League.  The Brevard Tornados (are there tornados in the mountains?  I didn’t know) are currently 0-4, losing to such powerhouses as Mount Olive (in the Mount Olive Pickle Classic!) and North Greenville College.   They’re not good losses, either.  They lost to Montevallo (a school I’ve never heard of) by 43 points.

The Bulldogs need to prepare for this game like any other, but I see no reason why Asheville shouldn’t put the pedal to the floor and blow these guys out of the arena.  We’re past the days where we need to schedule regular season games against Division II schools in the immediate vicinity of campus.  Exhibitions, sure, but we’re a strong mid-major basketball program and we need to act like it.

In any case, this should be a fun game for players 1-15 and will give the starters a chance to rest before the trip down to the Carribean.  I’d like to see lots of passing, rebounds, and steals tomorrow, as well as ample minutes for our 1 and 2 guards next year, Keith Hornsby and Corey Littlejohn.  The more minutes these guys get in this year, the more prepared they will be next year to take over for J.P. and Matt.

Asheville 130, Brevard 70.

You read that correctly.  Blow ’em out of the arena, guys.


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