Asheville 89, Brevard 48

What’s better than scoring 126 points?  Holding your opponent to under 50 points and still beating them by 41 points.

Asheville did exactly what it was supposed to do on Monday night, holding the Brevard Tornados to only 37% shooting the duration of the game.  On the flip side, the Bulldogs sat The lopsided result gave the Bulldogs an opportunity to rest starters, as all but one starter played less than 20 minutes on Monday.  That one exception was Matt Dickey, who played 21 minutes and took the opportunity while he was playing to make every shot he took.  I’ll say that again:  If Matt Dickey shot the ball last night, it went in the hoop.  He was 6-6 from the floor with half of those shots being threes, and 4-4 from the stripe.  Not a bad way to start Thanksgiving break.

The reserves certainly got their minutes up, as Trent Meyer, Keith Hornsby, and Corey Littlejohn each played around 20 minutes.  Jaleel Roberts had some nice plays and is gettting used to the big man role.  He’ll need to, since Asheville got on a plane this morning to head to the Bahamas, where they’ll play at least one team (likely two) that will go to the NCAA tournament this year: UConn and Florida State.  The Bulldogs play three games in three days, which will serve as a nice warmup for tournament play come March.

It looked like the guys were having fun out there last night, with lots of steals and breakaway dunks.  Particular honors go to Matt Dickey, Keith Hornsby, and Jaleel Roberts, w, though I’ll have to catch the complete game replay in case I forgot anyone.


One thought on “Asheville 89, Brevard 48

  1. You gotta love how comfortable the freshman look inserted into our scheme. Its really promising to see us still running set plays and not losing sight of the tail end of games. Great writeup here and I will def be following this blog throughout the season and as a new grad I love to see our support both offline and on continue to grow. Go Bulldogs! and lets takeover the Big South!

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