College of Charleston 68, Asheville 66

This one hurt.  And if Asheville wants to get out of the bahamas with anything more than a suntan to show for it, this team needs to come together and deliver against Utah tonight.

Unlike UConn, this game was give-and-go from the start.  However, there were similarities: every time UNC Asheville showed some momentum, they let that momentum be taken away by the other team.

There were bright spots here, particularly the Chris Stephenson show, who seems bent on creating a highlight reel out of this tournament/vacation, as well as the outstanding rebounding by Jeremy “Big Country” Atkinson, Stephenson, and Jackson.  Keith Hornsby also continued to astound (for a freshman) with both scoring and rebounding.

JP had 5 assists, but Asheville only had 8 total assists, a number that is much too low if the Bulldogs want to compete at a higher level.  Same with the turnover numbers (16).  I know it’s early and that the only games that really count for Asheville are the three we play the first weekend of March, but if you want to put yourself in a position to win you have to play to win and know when to slide the knife in.

Asheville plays Utah today in the final consolation game.  The game is at 9:30 and I’ll be livetweeting as in previous instances.  I honestly have no idea how this one will turn out but would really like the guys to get a win before they head back to the states.


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