Catching Up

When it rains, it pours.

This site has been dark for a few weeks…blame it on the Christmas holidays and a much needed vacation after my first semester of law school.  And oh boy, the things I missed.

Asheville dropped two games in late december: a heartbreaker to Tennessee in Knoxville and an inexplicable blowout to WCU in Cullowhee/nowhere that fans like myself wondering where the heart was.  The Bulldogs responded where it counted, starting conference play by going on a four game winning streak against Winthrop, Radford, VMI, and Liberty.  The Bulldogs will have a chance to extend that streak tonight as they play their biggest game of the year so far at Campbell, the newest member of the Big South Conference and the current #2 team in the standings.  I’ll be at the game and live blogging/tweeting.

The Bulldogs have been spearheaded in this win streak by Chris Stephenson, who was named the Big South Player of the week for  his extraordinary efforts, including an incredible 33 points against Radford on the 2nd.  JP Primm also recorded two notable achievments, passing KJ Garland as the UNC Asheville leader in assists as well as becoming the first Big South player ever to amass 500 rebounds, 400 assists, and 200 steals.  It’s an impressive feat and demonstrates Primm’s hustle and well-rounded ability.

Finally, all hell broke loose on Monday, as the Citizen-Times’ Keith Jarrett reported that the Bulldogs had waived their right to play the Big South Championship game at home.  And by “Bulldogs,” I mean Athletic Director Janet Cone and Chancellor Anne Ponder.  You read that right.  Suffice to say that this is a big story and deserves its own post.  For now, I’ll say that Cone (and, in an oversight role, Ponder) have badly mismanaged this story, especially given the fact that the university knew about this scheduling conflict as far back as June, and at least since September, when the Big South schedule was released.  An investigation needs to be conducted into both the decision to waive this right as well as the decision to not disclose this to the public until January.


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