Preview: Asheville at Coastal Carolina

Where: Kenny Powers Conway, South Carolina
When: Tuesdasy, February 14, 7 P.M.
Media: WWNC 570, Big South Network (online)

First, just a reminder of what happened last year in Conway:


This week is going to be a tough one for the Bulldogs, as they face two very good teams on the road. Fortunately for us, Asheville is also very good (and by very good, I mean undefeated in conference) on the road.

Last time, Asheville won by playing smarter against a much bigger team.  The game plan for tomorrow needs to be the same.  The Bulldogs can’t let off the gas pedal just because they’ve won the regular season.  If anything, Coastal is going to come out strong knowing that it’s still battling for 2nd place and playing a team that it genuinely dislikes.  Come to think of it, I don’t like Coastal either, but then again I don’t like many things from South Carolina (looking at you, Clemson). This is going to be a very physical, nay ugly game, and Asheville needs to make sure that they (a) avoid injury, and (b) don’t let themselves be provoked by lesser players like Anthony Raffa, leading to (a).

Coastal will likely be without Nieman tonight, but even if they’re a man down Coastal will be a challenge.  I won’t be watching the game due to prior engagements with Ms. UNCAFanBlog but I may get a few tweets in.


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