Home News; Preview: Gardner Webb @ Asheville

When: 7 PM
Where: Kimmel Arena
Media: WWNC 570/Big South Sports

First, some home news.

As you may have noticed, the frequency of postings here has been up and down.  To be succinct, the more law school work I have, the less gets done at UNCAFanBlog.  To remedy that, I’m bringing on a second contributor.  Hopefully, he’ll be starting with a preview of Saturday’s Winthrop game.  This will allow me to reduce my work load and concentrate more on bringing you the best in UNC Asheville Basketball news and features.  We may even be able to start doing weekly long-form articles on the team, including player profiles, interviews, etc. . . .

Anyway, on to tonight’s game.  Asheville is coming off its worst game of the season, a 21 point blowout loss to an Ohio team that should not have been as bad as it was.  Some of that was due to the absence of Chris Stephenson, who will be back in the lineup in some capacity tonight.  Still, the Ohio game exposed some key weaknesses of this year’s squad, including our lack of size, our reliance on the perimeter game, and our tendency to start slow and catch fire about 10 minutes into the game.  Asheville cannot afford to let that happen tonight.

Gardner Webb is not Coastal (and not even close to being Ohio), but the Running Bulldogs will be a test for Asheville to get back in the game and get ready for the Tournament next week.  The Bulldogs are back in Kimmel and will not play another game on the road until the post-season tournament, be it the NCAA or NIT.  It would be a great time for a five-game win streak, and it needs to start tonight.  This team has been around for 4 years or so in various forms and knows what it needs to do to win: run the ball, force turnovers, and create open shots on the perimeter.  It’s something they’ve done a lot of this season, and if they play like they have for much of this year, they’ll do it again.


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